MP: The Real Solutions To The Economic Crisis Are Not By Devaluation Of The National Currency

Baghdad Member of Parliament for Saairun Alliance, Sabah Al-Ugaili affirmed that: The real solutions to the economic crisis are not by devaluation of the national currency and damaging the daily-wage workers.

He expressed to the National Iraqi News Agency (NINA) his surprise at the recent statement of the Minister of Finance in which he said that he “did not see public concern about the devaluation of the dinar”, indicating that this is clear evidence of the lack of clarity of the true picture of the reality of people’s life and livelihood.

He said: If the government considers the devaluation in the price of the dinar, and what happens as courageous decisions, so is there any sane person explains to us how the poor are not affected by the rising of the dollar?

He added that: the daily-wage workers are the first to be directly affected by the devaluation of the national currency, indicating that the Iraqi market and its commercial movement are clearly affected by any statement or position.

He called: Those responsible to stay away from any measures affecting the poor and disadvantaged class, which is the first group affected by any devaluation of the national currency.


Source: National Iraqi News Agency