MP: The State In Iraq Is Still Threatened From The Inside Through The Chaotic Weapons, Which Has Spread Widely

BAGHDAD, Mohammed al-Ukaili, member of the House of Representatives MP for the state of law coalition said that the state in Iraq is still threatened from the inside through the chaotic weapons, which has spread widely.

"The collapse of the state will be the result of the presence of chaotic weapons and at any moment there is an inner conflict as weapon available between neighborhoods and alleys, which undermines the security of the state," he said in a televised interview.

He stressed that "there are conflicts in the Middle East and crisis is going on a hot tin and there must be stop conflicts, especially in Iraq."

He stressed the importance of the existence of an inventory of the arms within the state and the elimination of political corruption implicated by the political parties.

He stressed that there should be cooperation by the political parties with the state to limit the weapons and prevent civil conflicts that use heavy weapons, indicating that the political blocs represent the most areas that have the arms and they must cooperate with the government to disarm completely from the hands of the people.

He added that "Iraqi law is a severe law and the judiciary will take appropriate decisions against those deserving of punishment, calling on the Prime Minister to work with new mechanisms to combat corruption "

Source: National Iraqi News Agency