Nasrallah: A strong presence in parliament, government and state institutions is a guarantee for the resistance and the golden equation

Hezbollah Secretary-General Hasan Nasrallah deemed Sunday that the strong presence in the parliament, government and state institutions denotes a guarantee for the Resistance Movement and the “People-Resistance-Army” golden equation to protect Lebanon.

Nasrallah urged supporters to vote extensively in the upcoming parliamentary elections, noting that members of Hezbollah and Amal Movement’s electoral lists will be part of the national campaign against poverty and unemployment in the country.

Addressing a large crowd of citizens and partisans during a Hezbollah rally held in the town of Mashghara this evening to back the Rashaya-West Bekaa electoral list, Nasrallah praised the long history of sacrifices and struggle of the people of West Bekaa and Rashaya.

He hailed their attachment to their roots and their existential struggle to protect their land against the Israeli enemy’s threats, which he considered an additional reason to support their electoral list for a better tomorrow.

Nasrallah stressed that the list members will be at the service of the people of the region, catering to their needs and demands at the national level, especially in relation to cleaning the Litani River’s water and preserving its wealth resource against the Israeli enemy’s greedy intentions.

The Secretary-General emphasized that the strong cohesion between the national army, the resistance and the people is the greatest strategic response to any threat.

Nasrallah continued to indicate that “no one represents Syria in the elections, but within the ‘Better Tomorrow’ list are allies to Syria, and if they win, they will work to bridge between the broken ties.”

He referred to the social, economic and trade relations between the people of Rashaya and West Bekaa with Syria, which denotes part of their daily lives. Hence, Nasrallah called on those betting against such relations and pinning their hopes on the collapse of the Syrian regime to re-consider their stand in this regard.

“Anyone still thinking about Syria’s collapse in favor of the United States and Israel, or any other country, is delusional,” deemed Nasrallah.

“The interest of the people of this region is to live with the Syrian dimension,” he underlined, reiterating that the benefit of the Bekaa citizens lies in the return to coexistence with their Syrian neighborhood, a fact that also requires ceasing all provocation against Syria.

Referring to the US aggression against Syria, Nasrallah indicated that its timing was linked to the arrival of investigators from the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons, adding, “Trump knew that what happened in Douma was a mere play so they hastened the strike.”

Considering that certain sides had their hopes pinned on the strikes in question, the Secretary-General praised the outstanding performance of the Syrian air defense in intercepting several US missiles before they reached their targets. He commended their remarkable military achievement that reflects the courage, challenge and loyalty of the Syrian Arab Army.

“The axis of the resistance, as well as Russia, was ready for all eventualities relating to the American strike against Syria,” Nasrallah reassured.

“If the goal of the aggression was to raise the morale of the armed terrorist forces, the opposite occurred. There was more frustration and disappointment among the Syrian opposition and some countries. As for raising the morale of Israel, that did not happen either, because the Israeli assessment of the aggression was zero outcome,” explained the Secretary-General.

Nasrallah finally indicated that “if the objective was to pressure Syria to accelerate the political solution, the strike is only going to complicate this solution, and perhaps destroy the Geneva Conference.”

“They had to state that their goal was not to overthrow the regime, but the chemical weapons,” he added.

Nasrallah concluded by saying, “With each coming victory, we do not rule out a new aggression.”

Source: National News Agency