Nasrallah: Awareness battle key to face schemes targeting Lebanon

Hezbollah leader, Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah, highlighted the necessity of what he termed as "the battle of awareness" in order to be able to face the plots concocted against Lebanon and the Resistance,

"The battle of awareness is essential to face the schemes targeting Lebanon and the Resistance," Nasrallah said in a private meeting with the employees of Annour radio station, upon its 30th foundation anniversary.

"One of the most primordial challenges we are facing nowadays is the attempt to topple the Resistance in its own environment by sowing seeds of strife," a statement by Hezbollah quoted Nasrallah as stressing.

"With our awareness, we shall foil this scheme like we have done to other schemes," he said.

Moreover, Nasrallah highlighted the necessity of accuracy while disseminating news, warning of the reverberations of social media.

"We must all be present in the battle of new media," he underlined.

Source: National News Agency