Nasrallah, Frangieh push for normal relations between Lebanon and Syria, stress need for financial stability

Hezbollah Secretary General, Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah, met with Marada Movement leader Sleiman Frangieh, in the presence of Minister of Public Works for Transportation Youssef Fenianos, and political assistant to the Secretary General Hajj Hussein Al-Khalil.

A statement issued by the media office of Hezbollah said "the meeting featured thorough in-depth discussions about the various regional developments, especially the latest developments on the Iraqi and Syrian arenas."

"The two sides reaffirm the need for direct and official dialogue with the Syrian government, especially in two important areas: taking advantage of the great opportunity offered by the reopening of the Albukamal crossing to enhance Lebanese exports through Syria to Iraq, and joint work with the Syrian government on the issue of the return of displaced Syrians to their country, to alleviate the significant economic and social burdens on Lebanon," the statement said.

The meeting reviewed the economic situation in detail and stressed the need to increase revenues and reduce expenses, taking into account the legitimate demands of low-income people, the rejection of increased taxes and any tampering with salaries, wages and pensions, calling on the government to pay revenues from marine property serious attention, and focus on its fight against waste and corruption.

Conferees underlined the need for concerted efforts, especially between the three heads of State and the various political forces to maintain monetary and financial stability as one of the pillars of security and political stability in the country.

Source: National News Agency