Nasrallah: Parliamentary elections ‘major national achievement’

Hezbollah Secretary-General, Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah, on Monday lauded Sunday's parliamentary elections as "a major national achievement," deeming it as well a victory for all the Lebanese people who participated in elections.

Nasrallah's words came in a televised speech on Monday after his political party's landslide victory in Parliamentary elections.

"The new electoral law has allowed many political forces, groups, and other independent figures to be represented at the House of Parliament and to take part in ruling the country," Hezbollah leader said.

According to the majority law, some sides could have been excluded, but under the proportionality law, no side was debarred, Nasrallah explained.

He lauded what he described as an "excellent" security situation during the electoral process. "The security situation was stable during electoral campaigns and on the day of elections; political figures were able to safely go up and down the country and deliver speeches," he said in praise of the entire electoral operation.

Moreover, Nasrallah went on to stress the need for big representation at the House of Parliament "for two main reasons."

"The first reason is to ensure security protection for the resistance. The second reason is the mere fact that a strong parliamentary bloc will give us the power to achieve our electoral programs," Hezbollah leader explained, deeming the results of yesterday's elections a great moral and political boost for the choice of the resistance in Lebanon.

Nasrallah also pointed to some attempts by the US and some Gulf States to influence the resistance's constituency by means of spreading fabricated rumors. "But they have failed. The resistance will endure because it has the trust and support of its people and environment," he added.

However, Hezbollah leader stressed that despite disagreement over different dossiers, the Lebanese could never marginalize each other. "We must leave space for agreement," he stressed.

"We are all the students of one national school; there is no teacher and student here, and we must avoid sectarian and strife fomenting speeches -- similar to those we heard before elections -- in a bid to avoid any conflict in the country," he added.

Touching on regional development, Nasrallah highlighted the importance of swiftly forming a new Lebanese cabinet.

"We don't know where the situation in the region is heading; therefore, we must act wisely and focus on swiftly forming a new government," he said.

Regarding the results of elections in Beirut 2 district, Nasrallah watered down the worries of those who are keen on "Beirut's Arab identity".

"I assure to you that Beirut will keep its Arab identity even more than before, especially now that there's wider diversity in its representation," he maintained.

Thanking "God" first and foremost for his political party's victory in parliamentary elections, Nasrallah said that he was deeply touched with the scenes of families of martyrs, wounded fighters, and the elderly waiting to cast their votes in favor of the Resistance.

Winding up his speech, Nasrallah addressed the newly elected MPs and highlighted the great responsibility that their position carried.

"For all the new parliament members, I would like to remind you of the fact that being an MP is not a mere position; this is a responsibility that you hold before God first, and before the people who gave you their trust second. You must prove you are worthy of their trust," Hezbollah leader concluded.

Source: National News Agency