Nasrallah says protests no more spontaneous, calls Hezbollah supporters to retreat from streets

Hezbollah leader, Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah, on Friday called the party's supporters to retreat from the ongoing protests which he deemed as "no more spontaneous," adding that certain groups of activists have connections with foreign embassies.

Speaking in a televised speech, Nasrallah said that what started as an unplanned movement away from the intervention of political parties was no more spontaneous, and that the situation in Lebanon had entered "the phase of regional political targeting.".

"There is clear funding by certain parties and various sides which are known," he indicated, stressing that the current demands are not those of the poor.

"There is a side in the protests that is preparing a paper to request the UN Security Council to place Lebanon under Chapter 7," he said, adding that some political forces have joined people for political reasons.

"There is an invisible and unannounced leadership for the protests; and I know that there are parties and groups who consider themselves as the leaders of the demonstrations," Nasrallah said.

"There are also sides linked to foreign embassies," he added, indicating that he knows the name of them all.

"It is about time the protests had leaders," he underscored, highlighting that refusing dialogue with the President of the Republic only means that the country is being targeted politically.

Moreover, Nasrallah indicated that there were signs of bids to drag Lebanon into civil war.

"We do not fear for the Resistance, but we fear for the country," he stressed.

Addressing his supporters, Nasrallah said: "Leave the streets for those who are convinced of the streets, and we respect all beliefs."

"The Resistance supporters have no interests in the protests; we will observe and we are seeking to open dialogue," he underlined.

However, Nasrallah recognized that the protests had yielded considerable results in the beginning, and that the government's reform paper was not just a promise.

He added that Hezbollah would push for the endorsement of the anti-corruption law, in addition to the lift of banking secrecy and the recovery of stolen funds.

Also, Nasrallah renewed rejection of the government resignation, warning that void would lead to chaos and collapse.

"We do not accept to topple the tenure and we do not back the resignation of the government," he said. He also opposed early parliamentary elections.

"We are protecting the country from void (...) we are ready to pay the price for defending the country at the political level," he stressed.

Commenting on the closure of roads, Nasrallah deprecated some practices such as setting up checkpoints and the humiliation of citizens.

"People want the roads to reopen and I urge protesters to take the initiative," he said.

Source: National News Agency