Nasrallah: We do not support resignation of government

Hezbollah Secretary-General, Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah, called on those in power and those outside it to take responsibility for the extremely dangerous situation during a ceremony in Baalbek marking the 40th Imam Hussein commemoration.

He added that his party does not support the resignation of Lebanon's government, but supports the current government with a new agenda and a new spirit.

Nasrallah spoke of those who want to "resign or withdraw from the government or ride the popular movement wave.or those who stand up on the hill awaiting the outcome of events, criticizing politicians who are shirking responsibility despite partaking in all previous cabinets.

He pointed to the recent fires that happened in the country, as everyone pointed accusations against each other and the result was nothing."Convictions in Lebanon expired within 24 hours on the day of the fires," he said.

Commenting on the economic and financial conditions, Nasrallah noted that "the financial and economic situation is not the result of three years or the current government or this mandate, but the accumulation of the policies of thirty years that have passed."

Nasrallah also deemed that "some political parties in Lebanon renounce their responsibility while blaming consequences on others."

"Some in power believed that taxes would work," he said, adding that the message of these past two days was very important and should be understood by all officials that the Lebanese people can no longer bear new taxes.

Commenting on the technocrat government, Nasrallah said: "Technocrat government cannot stand two weeks and the political forces that demand the technocrat government are the first to demand its downfall."

We do not support the resignation of the current government, and the luxury to form another government does not currently exist, Nasrallah underlined.

"New parliamentary elections will lead to the same current parliament, so we should not waste time with these proposals," he maintained.

Addressing the demonstrators, Nasrallah said: "I advise the demonstrators to keep the movement away from the forces that installed the wave and began to demand the fall of the current mandate," while urging them to avoid sabotage acts and offensive language.

Finally, Hezbollah Secretary-General said: "We'll never abandon our people we'll not allow this country to be torn out or drowned!"

Source: National News Agency