Nassif: Any Minister Who Rejects Quotas Should Be Supported Instead Of Standing Against Him

Baghdad  -MP of the State of Law Coalition, Alia Nassif, confirmed that the note issued by the Prime Minister and containing an accusation by the Minister of Industry for not implementing the orders of the Prime Minister related to the administrative apparatus in the Ministry includes a legal violation, stressing the need for the Prime Minister to support any minister who refuses to quota.


She said in a statement today that the National Iraqi News Agency / NINA / received a copy of it: “This note includes a legal breach and does not differ from the one issued previously by the Prime Minister that includes a restriction for ministers, as for the Prime Minister, in accordance with Articles 78 of the Constitution, the direct executive head and according to Article 80, he is responsible for drawing state policy. And the minister is also the direct executive head of his ministry according to the ministry’s law, and he is responsible for drawing the ministry’s policy in order to advance it.


Nassif added: “Any rotation of agents and general directors that the minister deems necessary for the success of his ministry’s work is considered correct because it is among the exclusive powers of the minister, and the prime minister does not have jurisdiction over these powers according to the ministry’s law, which has exclusive powers for the minister, and the private law restricts the public law.”


She pointed out, “What is happening today in the ministries of the state is pressure by the political forces to change the administrative apparatus in the ministries, and we previously confirmed to the Prime Minister the need to preserve the administrative apparatus from the contamination of quotas, and if there is a minister who rejects this, then the prime minister should support him, instead of standing against him, therefore, we hope that there will be a review of the legal foundations of the notes issued by the Prime Minister, and that this note will not be a custom that leads to his delusion. ”


Source: National Iraqi News Agency