National Axis: We did not attend any meeting to form the largest bloc

Baghdad, The National Axis Alliance stressed that it did not attend any political meeting to form the largest bloc.

The media Spokesman of the Alliance of Axis Laith al-Dulaimi said in a statement that "what some people is trying to promote about the meeting of a delegation of Al-Fatah with leaders of the National Axis, or marketing the presence of leaders of the National Axis of the meetings of the largest bloc in Baghdad is not true, confirming that his Alliance did not attend any meeting concerning the formation of the largest bloc. "

He explained that "leaders of the National Axis are committed to standing on one distance from all major winning political blocs."

He pointed out that "the political movement to discuss and understanding with the winning blocs based on a basic criterion which is the government program and commitment to the ability and acceptability of the candidate assigned to oversee the implementation."

Source: National Iraqi News Agency