Nayef al-Shammari Calls On Sunni Forces To Meet Urgently

BAGHDAD, MP for Nineveh province, Nayef al-Shammari political called forces that represent the Sunni to hold an urgent meeting .

"At a time when the Iraqis are living a real tragedy as a result of the lack of services for all sectors that should be provided to them, what is happening from demonstrations in some provinces is a clear evidence of poor services," he told a news conference.

He added that "despite all the pressures on the citizen, there is indifference of the political forces on the formation of the largest bloc indicates that there is a gap between these forces and Iraqi people."

Al-Shammari said that we will support any bloc that meets the demands of our provinces of reconstruction and provide the necessary services in all sectors and address the file of dismissed employees of the security services and will be aligned with any bloc working according to the Iraqi national decision away from external pressures.

Source: National Iraqi News Agency