Nechirvan Barzani thanks New Zealand for the assistance it provided during the war on Daesh terrorist organization

BAGHDAD, KRG Prime Minister Nechirvan Barzani thanked New Zealand for its aid during the war on the Daesh terrorist organization .

Barzani stressed during a meeting with New Zealand Ambassador Bradley Sweden, according to a statement by the Kurdistan Regional Government, "the need to confront intellectual and provide security and basic services and employment opportunities and reconstruction, and the economic, social and cultural development, reviewing the political process in Iraq and the role of the Kurdistan region, stressing the need to benefit from the past experiences, joint action and stability ".

For his part, the New Zealand Ambassador reviewed during the meeting "his country's participation in training and rehabilitation during the war against Daesh and its military defeat and the results of those participation and attempts to normalize the lives of citizens after that war and the current threats to stability, praising the efforts of the Kurdistan Regional Government to receive a large number of displaced persons and refugees to escape the oppression of terrorism, and provide security and services for them. "

On the other side of the meeting, according to the statement, discussed the election of the Presidency of the House of Representatives and the attempts to elect the President and Prime Minister, and the formation of the new government with the participation of all components, and attention to the demands of citizens, and the process of elections in the Kurdistan region and support and assistance of the international community to the political process in Iraq.

Source: National Iraqi News Agency