NechirvanBarzani confirms the support of the Kurdistan region to Abdul Mahdi and solve problems through dialogue

Baghdad The Prime Minister of the Kurdistan region NechirvanBarzani stressed the support of the region to Prime Minister Adel Abdul-Mahdi, and to solve the problems through dialogue.

He pointed out during his meeting today a delegation from the US Congress led by Congressman, John Garamendi, that the Kurdistan region support Adel Abdul Mahdi, and to solve problems through dialogue.

The two sides stressed, according to a statement by the regional government, the importance of the role of US forces and the international coalition in Iraq, and the need and importance of staying at this stage for the purpose of restoring stability and face the threats of the return of terrorism to appear. They also discussed the need for partnership between Iraq and the United States, dealing with the post-war phase, the return of displaced people and refugees, reconstruction of the affected areas and the support of the international community in this area. "

Source: National Iraqi News Agency