Neurologist who treated child Sophie Meshleb sent to court

The Attorney General of Appeal in Mount Lebanon, Judge Nazek al-Khatib, has summoned the neurologist and pediatrician Gh.H. on charges of giving a false statement before the Public Prosecutor's Office in Beirut in the case of child Sophie Meshleb, and referred him to the criminal court in Baabda for trial, the NNA correspondent said.

Four doctors are being prosecuted in this case, along with the Beirut university hospital in which they work, against the backdrop of causing permanent brain and kidney damage to the said child, and depriving her for life from the ability to move and make proper use of her senses.

Investigations have shown that Sophie, who was hospitalized at the age of one month back in June 2015, underwent treatments that included a series of medical errors, on top of which the rush to have her undergo an invasive and unnecessary surgery, thus causing her permanent damage.

Source: National News Agency