No Optimism In Talks Between Erbil And Baghdad To Resolve Outstanding Issues, Especially Oil

BAGHDAD A member of the oil and energy committee MP for the province of Basra UdayAwad excluded reaching the joint committees formed by the Council of Ministers to resolve outstanding issues between Erbil and Baghdad, especially the oil file.

Awad said in a statement to NINA that "the Council of Ministers formed joint committees working to resolve outstanding issues between the region and the center, but so far the issues are in the process of" procrastination "due to lack of seriousness of the region and politicians in the region to resolve most of the obstacles.

With regard to the oil file, Awad said: there is a clear evasion and shortening and exceeding the budget law in terms of the share of the region and the / 250 / thousand barrels and there is a clear obstruction of the law of oil and gas. "

A member of the oil and energy committee confirmed that he is not optimistic in the overall talks between Erbil and Baghdad and the results of the committees formed between them."

The MP from the Islamic Group Ahmed Haj Rashid, earlier expected to resolve the oil file between the governments of Baghdad and Erbil judicially.

Source: National Iraqi News Agency