Nujaifi Meets McGurk And US Ambassador

BAGHDAD, Osama al-Nujaifi, head of the Iraqi decision coalition, discussed on Monday with US presidential envoy Brett McGurk the latest developments in the political situation regarding the presidency of the parliament, the presidency and the prime minister, the government program and ways to reach a government capable to meet the country's demands.

Al-Nujaifi confirmed during his meeting with McGurk and Douglas Silliman, US ambassador to Iraq, "the need to accelerate the election of the President of the Republic and the Prime Minister, according to constitutional times, stressing the keenness to achieve national consensus and not to allow break the wills and achieve the goals not to serve the homeland and citizens. "

He pointed out that Iraq needs a president who has the experience and competence and is able to preserve the constitution. And it is also necessary to succeed in choosing a moderate and acceptable prime minister who will get Iraq away from international conflicts and have the ability to establish wider relations with the international community.

For their part, the American envoy and the ambassador expressed their appreciation for the expertise and efficiency of Nujaifi and the need for his advice and guidance to support the political process in Iraq.

Source: National Iraqi News Agency