Nujaifi Meets Russian Ambassador To Iraq

BAGHDAD, The head of the Iraqi decision coalition, Osama Abdul Aziz al-Nujaifi stressed that Basra is disastrous and oppressed city and the treatments in last period did not raise the size of the problem, which explains the popular explosion, pointed out that the destruction is great in Nineveh province and the treatments slow that reflect the lack of serious interest required following liberation operations.

Nujaifi said during his meeting with Maxim Maksimov, Russia's ambassador to Iraq, that Basra is a city that is afflicted and oppressed, and that the problems in the last stage have not risen to the extent of the problem.

With regard to the province of Nineveh and the provinces that were freed from Daesh terrorists, Nujaifi stressed: the destruction is large and the treatments are slow and shy reflect the lack of serious attention required in the wake of liberation, expressed the hope that this file is at the forefront of the new government's attention, as it needs great efforts and attention, as well as other cities of Iraq, reconstruction and reform are central objectives of any sincere national effort.

Al-Nujaifi referred to the issues related to the formation of the government, stressing that there is a positive phenomenon we notice, which existing alliances exceeded the sectarian issue, expressed the hope that it will develop into parties cross-sectarian in the next stage.

During the meeting, Nujaifi stressed the depth of the Iraqi-Russian relations and what Russian companies operating in Basra can do to help the citizens and benefit from them in the work of these companies as well as contribute to improving the environmental situation in the region.

Source: National Iraqi News Agency