Oil prices drop slightly in OPEC basket

BAGHDAD, The price of crude oil (OPEC) fell slightly to (62.07) dollars per barrel.

"The price of crude oil (OPEC) reached 62.07 dollars per barrel compared to 62.32 dollars a barrel the previous day," the Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) said in a statement.

The OPEC basket, which is a reference to the policy of production, includes 14 types: Algerian Sahara, Iranian heavy, Iraqi Basra, Kuwaiti export crude, Libyan crude, Bony crude, Qatar marine crude, Saudi Arabian light crude, Saudi Arabia, the Venezuelan oil, the Girasol of Angola, the Orient of Ecuador, Zafiro of Equatorial Guinea and Rabi El-Hafayk of Gabon.

Source: National Iraqi News Agency