Old Turkish female cured of a rare pediatric problem as she is performing pilgrimage in Makkah

Makkah, A Turkish female, in her 60s, has undergone a successful surgery at King Abdullah Medical city in Makkah following a sudden heart collapse and complete stoppage while performing Haj in Makkah over the last few days, it was reported here today.

Hospital specialists said that the woman was rushed, in complete coma, after her heart and other vital organs completely halted. Preliminary tests revealed that she was suffering from a rare syndrome, namely weakness of heart pulse accompanied with severe weakness of heart muscles, hinting to possibility of immediate death, they said, adding that a professional device to pump pulses to her heart and improve its efficiency was immediately installed.

Doctors announced that she was discharged after one day and is currently proceeding with her Hajj rituals as normally as before.

Source: Saudi Press Agency