Parliamentary Agriculture Committee: The water file should have priority in Al-Kadhimi’s visit to Turkey

Baghdad  The Parliamentary Committee on Agriculture, Water and Marshlands emphasized the necessity to guarantee Iraq’s immediate and future water share in any meeting or dialogue with Turkey and Iran.

The head of the committee, Salam Al-Shammari, said in a press statement that Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kadhimi will visit Turkey this week to discuss bilateral relations and files,” stressing the importance of the water file being a top priority in the talks.

He added, “ensuring Iraq’s water quota is primarily a governmental responsibility, and the government must take the necessary steps to ensure it, to increase water storage and increase the land area for agricultural projects.”

Al-Shammari called for the water file, which is the backbone of life, to be kept away from any political matters, and to work to ensure the country’s water share from Turkey as a source country for the two Eternal Rivers, and Iran, which is the source of the multiple tributaries of the Tigris River.


Source: National Iraqi News Agency