PM Directs To Hold A Consultative Meeting To Discuss Avoidance Of Accidents In Forums And Sporting Events

BAGHDAD Prime Minister Adel Abdul Mahdi, on Monday directed to hold a consultative meeting to discuss the avoidance of accidents in forums and sporting events.

The Cabinet Secretariat said in a statement that "the Prime Minister directed the Ministry of Youth and Sports to hold a consultative meeting with the concerned authorities to adopt the necessary measures in order to avoid any possible incidents in forums and sporting events."

The Cabinet Secretariat added, "The directive stipulates that the Minister of Youth and Sports will hold the consultative meeting in the presence of the ministry's representatives and representatives of the ministries of interior, health, communications (for the purpose of the possibility of installing large screen), civil defense, the Iraqi Football Federation, to avoid any possible incidents when large gatherings of human beings in the forums and sporting events coming, and to submit recommendations to the General Secretariat of the Council of Ministers to submit them to the Prime Minister.

Source: National Iraqi News Agency