PM: We rely very much on the Supreme Council for Combating Corruption in serving the state and society and preserving public money

BAGHDAD - Prime Minister Adel Abdul Mahdi, headed the meeting of the Supreme Council for the Combating Corruption, stressing that the government is counting on the Council to service the state and the society and the preservation of public money.

"The government relies heavily on the Supreme Council for Combating Corruption in the service of the state and society, keeping public money and working according to a tight organizational work, and listening to all opinions to form the council. They complement each other and become a lifestyle that we interact with it positively," Abdul Mahdi said during the meeting.

He added that the Council's mission is to coordinate between the supervisory bodies to accelerate efforts and shorten the time in order to achieve the goals. The work of the Council does not include any additional expenses or structures, but depends on the work of the existing institutions and their potential."

During the meeting, many of the files submitted by the judicial authorities were discussed and the necessary decisions were taken, in addition to defining the mechanisms of the Inspectors Generals work.

Source: National Iraqi News Agency