President Aoun calls to reconsider current government status, says ready for dialogue with protesters

President Michel Aoun on Thursday highlighted the necessity to reconsider the status of the current government, adding that he is ready for a constructive dialogue with protesters.

In his first public address after the week-long protests, the President maintained that "the scene we are seeing today only confirms that the Lebanese people is alive and capable of uprising, change and conveying its voice."

"However, sectarianism has wrecked us, and corruption has deeply gnawed at us to the bone," he said.

"We left those who dragged the country to the brink unquestioned," he added.

"The sectarian mindset that has ruled the country is the essence of the problem," he underline, renewing his wish to abolish this mentality and to establish a civil state.

Moreover, Aoun stressed the obligation to recover stolen funds, reminding that he had previously submitted a relevant bill.

"Whoever stole public assets must be held accountable; but the sect they belong to must not blindly defend them," he said.

Furthermore, the President indicated that the freshly endorsed reform plan would be the first step towards rescuing Lebanon and preventing the deterioration of the economic and financial situation.

He added that this plan was the first accomplishment for the Lebanese, and highlighted the importance of the anti-corruption laws, calling citizens to press the Parliament to endorse these legislations.

"It has become necessary to reconsider the status of the current government so that the executive power should be able to assume its responsibilities, and through the effective constitutional principles," he continued.

Accordingly, he called the Lebanese to monitor the implementation of reforms, vowing to exert all efforts to make the needed corrections.

"Changing the regime does not take place in the streets, but through the constitutional institutions," Aoun stressed.

Addressing protesters, he said that he was ready to meet with their representatives and to open constructive dialogue in order to reach practical results.

Source: National News Agency