Prince Abdulaziz bin Salman bin Abdulaziz discusses with a French delegation future energy projects

Riyadh, Prince Abdulaziz bin Salman bin Abdulaziz, Minister of Energy, met here today with a French delegation, led by Senator Jean-Marie Bockel, Chairman of the GCC French friendship committee, and discussed with them ways of enhancing the distinguished historical relations binding the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia with France as well as the investment opportunities in the field of energy, industry, climate and technology.

The two sides discussed the opportunities of future projects between the two countries in the field of energy as well as the civil peaceful nuclear program the Kingdom is determined to implement in addition to relations linking the Kingdom with a number of French authorities and organizations, including the French private sector, particularly Total conglomerate.

They also discussed the necessary procedure to confront the increasing pressure on environment in general, including the Kingdom's endeavor to reduce and recycle the accompanying carbon dioxide emission, as well as the Kingdom's proposal regarding the concept of low-carbon circular economy, a framework through which carbon emission resulting from all sectors and all gases causing the global warming phenomenon is treated, together embodying the Kingdom's efforts to implement its commitments according to Paris Arrangement and reflect the importance of achieving the equilibrium and comprehensiveness of the proposed solutions, including the reducing of global warming and adapting with the negative impacts of climate change.

In this context, the French side was briefed on the efforts being exerted by the Kingdom to support and encourage innovation and invention in the field of energy aiming to reach high-level systems without discrimination or partiality against any of its sources.

On the threat of energy supplies security, with reference to the flagrant attack which took place recently against Saudi Aramco facilities, the French side expressed admiration of the ability of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to face such challenges, demonstrating its ability to restore production and achieve balance in a short time, thus, saving the world economy, both advanced or developed, against any harms, contrary to what was expected in such cases as all energy markets are influencied by what happens in the Kingdom. But the success of the Kingdom to ward off the negative impacts of such attacks against the supply authenticity in terms of keeping the balance between supply and demand, has led to the stability of the markets and reassuring them on the Kingdom's commitment towards their security, supply safety and continuity.

Source: Saudi Press Agency