Protest march sets-out from Kfarreman

A march protesting against the economic situation set out today from the tent of the popular movement on the Kfarreman highway, preceded by leaders of the Lebanese Communist Party and various popular bodies, raising the Lebanese flag.

The march reached the vicinity of the Government Serail where it was joined by the "Hirak al-Nabatiyeh", and continued as a one march towards the Central Bank of Lebanon, amidst the enthusiastic tunes and security measures by the army and internal security forces.

In a word by Member of the Central Committee of the Communist Party, Youssef Salameh, he stressed that "the Intifada is continuing, and Nabatiyeh is an integral part of this homeland, calling for speeding-up the formation of the government we aspire to have, a transitional cabinet away from the political parties in the current authority.

Salameh said that the new government needs to work on adopting an electoral law on the basis of proportional and non-sectarian representation and Lebanon as a one electoral addition to the recovery of looted money and ensuring the independence of the judiciary without referring to any political party in power."

Source: National News Agency