PSP denounces attack against Kuwait and its Emir, deems it reprehensible

In an issued statement by the Progressive Socialist Party's Media Office on Saturday, it condemned the "arrogant attack against Kuwait and its Emir, the friend of Lebanon, Sheikh Sabah Al-Ahmad Al-Sabah," considering such an act as "reprehensible."

"The policy of attacking Lebanon's friends is not new. It is a policy plotted for years, with the aim of distorting their reputation and striking their relationship with Lebanon," the statement indicated.

It strongly deplored the "cheap manner of some symbols of the yellow press and the media," while recalling "the permanent support of the State of Kuwait and its Emir to Lebanon in the most difficult circumstances, and its political, moral and substantial assistance over the years, in addition to hosting thousands of Lebanese families and providing them with work opportunities."

The Party urged the press to stop their "cheap and destructive tactics" while expressing utmost respect and gratitude to the Kuwait state, stressing on the "brotherly ties with the people, government and Emir of Kuwait, and on preserving their mutual historic relations with Lebanon and its people."

Source: National News Agency