PUK Denies Turkmen Statements On Not To Return Peshmerga To Kirkuk

Sulaymaniyah Two leaders in the PUK denied statements of the head of the Turkmen Front on the agreement with Barham Saleh on not to return the Peshmerga forces to the province of Kirkuk.

Aso Mamand, member of the Political Bureau and Khalid Shawani member of the leadership of the PUK said in a joint statement on the administrative and security situation in Kirkuk, a series of meetings were held in Baghdad with representatives of the components of the province of Kirkuk, and in this meeting with the President of the Republic.

The statement added on the statements of Arshad Salhi on the agreement not to return the Peshmerga forces to Kirkuk, this issue was not discussed during meetings and dialogues.

Source: National Iraqi News Agency