Qatisha to Radio Lebanon: Cedar Conference the last chance to place our country on the right track

MP Wehbe Qatisha considered Sunday that the deteriorating economic situation has rendered the Cedar Conference as the last opportunity for the Lebanese to place their country back on the right track.

"Friendly countries have come forth to help us ward off an inevitable downfall because Lebanon's collapse would result in negative implications on the Middle East region as a whole," Qatisha added during an interview with "Radio Lebanon" Station this morning.

"America's interest in Lebanon continues as a free country in this East," he said, noting, "The American policy is a combination of interests and values. America perceives us as a combination of values, being a liberal, democratic country."

"Mike Pompeo came to Lebanon for two purposes, namely to aid Lebanon and its army to ensure its survival and continuity, and to send a message to the axis of resistance that this country will remain part of the Arab world and the international family free, and cannot be taken to the other axis," Qatisha explained. He added that Pompeo's visit was a message to Iran and Hezbollah.

"Hezbollah is a basic Lebanese component...but what the party does in the region and its outside does not concern us as a Lebanese state," he went on. The MP urged Hezbollah to solve the problems it has brought on itself in the world "for it did not seek the advice of any of its partners in the country when going to Syria or Yemen or around the world."

"The American positions vis-a-vis Hezbollah are considered special stances between the party and the United States, and do not involve the Lebanese state," deemed Qatisha.

On the issue of the displaced Syrians, the MP confirmed that "the Syrian regime does not want their return, as proven by Russian Ambassador Zasepkin's statement on this subject," adding that their regime is "working to intimidate them so that they do not return to their country."

On the electricity dossier, he pointed out that "the plan proposed by the Lebanese Forces party aims at stopping waste expenditure and establishing a government emergency committee to study the general headlines."

He added: "For this reason, the initial approval of the plan by Water and Energy Minister Nada Boustani was rejected, pending its full study."

"The LF party's plan is based on reducing cost and moving to modern electricity," Qatisha said, calling for "accountability for the infringements on electricity and thefts in some areas," adding that "the solution begins with the installation of smart meters to stop waste, which is more important than the issue of fuel vessels."

MP Qatisha praised the "step by House Speaker Nabih Berri to hold the government accountable every month," noting that "the LF deputies have questions that were raised regarding the Lebanese situation as a state that must solve all problems at stake." He stressed "the need to shed light on violating ministers."

Qatisha also called for holding anyone who breaches the law and the constitution accountable for his actions.

Source: National News Agency