Questioning Minister Of Finance Will Be The First For Parliament In Its New Term, Followed By 4 Other Ministers

Baghdad  The Parliamentary Integrity Committee confirmed that the questioning of the Minister of Finance will be the first for the House of Representatives in the new legislative term, followed by the questioning of 4 other ministers.

The committee’s rapporteur, Abdul Amir Al-Mayahi, stated, in a statement to the National Iraqi News Agency (NINA), that “the Integrity Committee receives information about files and cases of suspected corruption, and we are addressing the relevant authorities to present official documents and verify them legally.”

“We have documents and information related to the group of officials whose names that we are currently reticent,” he said.

He added that “the reluctance in the work of the current government and the successive governments has negatively affected the files and requests for interrogation,” noting that “there were 5 interrogations of ministers from the previous government, and other officials in the current government.

He went on to say that “most of the files currently in the parliamentary committee are related to the ministries that contain direct work with foreign companies, investment and the private sector, such as the Ministry of Industry on many fake projects, and the ministries of education, oil, transport and trade,” noting that “all these files proceed according to their legislative path and legal despite the pressures on the committee’s work.

The House of Representatives officially informed the Ministry of Finance this week that the date for the questioning of Finance Minister Ali Allawi will be during next January 2021, after completing all the legal procedures in accordance with the request submitted by a member of the Parliamentary Integrity Committee, Yusef Al-Kalabi, as announced by the Parliamentary Communications and Media Committee, Determining the date for the questioning of the head of the Media and Communications Commission in the first session of Parliament from next January 2021.


Source: National Iraqi News Agency