Raffoul from Melbourne: There is no possibility of forming a government of specialists in these circumstances

Adviser to the President of the Republic for Political Affairs, former Minister Pierre Raffoul, considered Sunday that is no possibility of forming a government of specialists under these circumstances.

Lecturing in Melbourne on the latest developments in Lebanon at the invitation of the Free Patriotic Movement branch in Victoria, Australia, Raffoul said: There is no intention by President Michel Aoun to form a new government."

Asked about the possibility of the resignation of Prime Minister Hariri's government and the formation of a government of specialists, he said: "This is absolutely out of the question in such circumstances that Lebanon is going through."

Today the country desperately needs a political government to handle the issues at stake, which require great efforts," he maintained.

Raffoul pointed out that "no one can change the status quo in Lebanon," stressing that "the mandate which they accuse of failure has been fulfilling its constitutional functions to the fullest for the past three years amid the many obstacles facing it.

On the issue of displaced Syrians, he considered that "Lebanon can no longer tolerate this heavy presence which is above its capacity, and it is time to find a solution to this matter in light of its huge burdens on the country."

Regarding the US position on Lebanon, Raffoul said: "President Aoun has always been wary of their stances, and he was cautious about trusting them."

Meanwhile, several Lebanese community members residing in Melbourne gathered outside the hall where the lecture was held, amid the presence of policemen, raising slogans in support of the popular movement in Lebanon and demanding the downfall of the Lebanese government.

Source: National News Agency