Rahi criticizes political situation in Lebanon

Maronite Patriarch, Cardinal Beshara Boutros Rahi, criticized Sunday Lebanon's political situation, considering that "there is a big gap between the Lebanese civil society and the political class."

Speaking to a number of believers at "Our Lady's Church" in Halifax, Canada, Rahi described the economic conditions in Lebanon as "dangerous".

"The economic situation in Lebanon is at a very, very critical stage," Rahi said, adding that those attending at the CEDRE Conference have committed themselves to securing long-term loans to help Lebanon economically, if Lebanon undertakes serious structural reforms.

Rahi expressed dissatisfaction with the failure of the Lebanese counterparts to form a new government, saying: "Foreign countries are observing the performance of our politicians and wondering what kind of politicians we have in Lebanon?!!"

Finally, the Prelate called on various political sides in Lebanon to form an emergency government from outside the existing political class.

Source: National News Agency