Rahi expresses solidarity with people’s demands

Maronite Patriarch Beshara Boutros Rahi expressed his solidarity with the demands of the people, saying: " We are at the side of our brothers in Lebanon and with the Lebanese people who express their pain, hunger, bitterness and loss of full confidence in the politicians who brought them to this bitter reality. "

Rahi, whose words came during his visit to Lagos, Nigeria, criticized those who destroyed the public and private properties.

"I stress that we are not in solidarity with anyone causing destruction and attacks on people and public and private property, and we are not in solidarity with anyone who leads the demonstrations to a negative path that does not reflect the civilization of our people, " Rahi underscored.

Finally, the Patriarch hoped that the Lord would inspire politicians to get out of this crisis, and inspire his people to endure and overcome this difficult phase we are going through.

Source: National News Agency