Rahi urges politicians to form government

Maronite Patriarch, Cardinal Beshara Boutros Rahi, currently in Montreal, Canada, called on Lebanese politicians, particularly PM-designate Saad Hariri and President of the Republic Michel Aoun, to form a government that is capable of protecting the country.

"It is time to form a government because Lebanon is no longer able to withstand the deteriorating economic and financial situation," Rahi said.

In the same context, Rahi renewed calls for politicians to put away their personal interests and narrow calculations for the sake of the country and its people.

On the other hand, Rahi underlined the paramount importance of the cultural, sectarian and religious pluralism in Lebanon, which form its national unity.

"We are required to preserve this multicultural and religious message, from which we build our national unity and derive our diversity, pluralism and openness that characterize our homeland," he stressed.

Finally, the Patriarch stressed on "adherence to the Muslim-Christian coexistence in the country, and rejection of any sectarian sensitivities."

Source: National News Agency