Rahi wraps-up his pastoral visit to Lehfed, Mayfouq and Jaj: Let us remain steadfast in our faith, values and loyalty to the nation in the face of crises

Maronite Patriarch, Cardinal Bechara Boutros al-Rahi, called Sunday on the Lebanese to remain steadfast in their faith, values and loyalty to the homeland and the need to safeguard and preserve it in the face of crises.

Concluding his two-day pastoral visit to the district of Jbeil which included the villages of Lehfed, Mayfouq and Jaj, the Patriarch presided over a Mass service at 'Mar Abda Church" in Jaj this evening.

In his religious sermon, Rahi urged politicians to work to lift the burdens off the shoulders of citizens in wake of their growing economic, social and livelihood disress.

"We appeal to the political community to implement the plan for the economic advancement of all Lebanese sectors, to undertake the necessary reforms in the country's various structures and departments, and to work hard, courageously and impartially to put an end to corruption and to control smuggling," the Patriarch underlined.

"It remains up to all of us to maintain our unity within our religious, cultural and partisan pluralism," he added. "The value of Lebanon lies in its pluralism and national unity, in its civil rather than religious citizenship, and in living together, Christians and Muslims, in cooperation, solidarity and equality," affirmed al-Rahi.

Source: National News Agency