Rashid Al-Azzawi: More than half of the current budget is borrowing and deficit

Baghdad  MP Rashid Al-Azzawi said that the current budget is the largest among its predecessors, at 164 trillion dinars, and more than half of it will be a loan or a deficit.”

He said in a press statement: “What is being taken on the budget is that the government has stopped all appointments, as well as not compensating retirees from service, that is, stopping the movement of staff, while it has created 261 special degrees of category (B), which is a general manager and the equivalent.”

Al-Azzawi added: “One of the other reprimands on the budget is that it has stopped appointments, contracting, and the movement of staff, but it has permitted contracting with experts with special ranks referred to retirement, if there is an urgent need for them.”

The House of Representatives yesterday completed the first reading of the current year’s budget, which consisted of 58 articles. It is scheduled to start its second reading tomorrow, Monday.


Source: National Iraqi News Agency