DAMASCUS, Syria, The third batch of rebels and their families, evacuated the Homs and Hama province, in central Syria, after it was postponed due to logistic issues, local media reported.

71 buses, carrying hundreds of militants and their families, departed towards rebel-held areas in northern Syria. The militants were thoroughly scrutinised and their name list was double checked, ahead of their departure.

The militants detonated their positions in Rastan, in the northern countryside of Homs, ahead of their departure.

The third batch was supposed to evacuate on Wednesday, towards the province of Idlib and the northern city of Jarablus, but the rebels in those areas have hurdled the entry of the first two batches from Homs and Hama.

The evacuation deal was reached between the rebels and the Syrian government on May 1, under the mediation of Russia, and is identical to other agreements that have been recently reached in the capital Damascus, which saw the evacuation of rebels from the Eastern Ghouta countryside, and the eastern part of the Qalamoun region, to Idlib and Jarablus, last month.

The Russian-backed evacuation deals aim at curbing battles.

Meanwhile, the rebels are leaving for other strongholds in northern Syria, in order to secure more vital areas in central and southern Syria.

Source: Nam News Network