Reports about inmates’ health conditions misleading: Health Ministry

The Ministry of Health said “it is aware of and regrets the wholly misleading reports that are being circulated about the health conditions of inmates Hassan Mushaima, and Abduljalil Al-Singace.”

The ministry can confirm that the mentioned inmates receive comprehensive quality health care, in a specialised medical centre outside of the Correction and Rehabilitation centre, under the supervision of the Ministry of Health, the ministry said.

According to the treating physician of both cases, they are being treated as all other citizens, and receive calls and visits from their families in accord with the pertinent regulations.

The ministry also confirmed that the inmate patients mentioned are receiving treatment and physiotherapy for joint pain under the supervision of a specialised medical team.

73-year-old Hassan Ali Mushaima’s health is monitored continuously. The ministry confirms he has undergone numerous consultations and medical examinations, while his recent x-rays show that his condition in relation to the chronic disease he suffers from is stable, and shows no sign of recurrence. Further tests also show that all of the inmate’s internal organs are in a normal condition and his vitals are stable.

The ministry can confirm Abduljalil Abdulla Al-Singace, who is 59 years old, health condition and vitals are under daily review, while his medical report state that his consciousness and vitals are in the normal range and are stable.

The Ministry of Health assures that it puts the health of citizens at the top of its priorities and urges the public to not spread rumours and false information, and to take information from reliable official sources.

Source: Bahrain News Agency