Representative Of The Cabinet Secretariat Stresses Importance Of The Journalist’s In Conveying Concepts Of Reform In The White Paper

Baghdad  The representative of the General Secretariat of the Council of Ministers, Haider Majeed, affirmed that the journalist’s role is of great importance in conveying the concepts of reform stipulated in the White Paper and that the responsibility for dismantling and maturing what is contained in it rests with the Fourth Authority and the press family, which was and still is the best support for the Democrat System.

Majeed said during the panel discussion on the budget that journalists and observers do not conceal the contents of the white paper and the endeavors that are directed towards achieving it, and we have really begun to achieve it with scientific steps that may be difficult for all of us, but they will be illuminated in the field of domestic product and national industries.

Majeed extended his thanks and appreciation to the Iraqi Journalists Syndicate for its gesture in holding a discussion session on the budget and its focus on the reform aspects that the government is striving to achieve.


Source: National Iraqi News Agency