Riachy at Christian Media Conference: History will curse all those who tamper with reconciliation

Caretaker Information Minister, Melhem Riachy, pointed Saturday to the hurdles suffered by the reconciliation between Christians because of certain media, stressing that "history will curse all those who tamper with this reconciliation."

"We are the guardians of this reconciliation, and we have to stand in the face of anyone who attempts to meddle with it because this reconciliation is our reconciliation as a whole, not only the reconciliation of two parties," he said.

"It is the reconciliation of families, brothers and sisters who unfortunately fought each other one day...and history is ruthless and unforgiving and will curse whoever tries to alter the essence of this reconciliation," Riachy underlined.

The Caretaker Information Minister's words came in his address at the third "Christian Media Conference" organized under his auspices by "Tele LumiAre" Channel at the "Liqaa" Center in Rabwe, in the presence of Archbishop Boulos Matar representing Maronite Cardinal, Patriarch Beshara Boutros al-Rahi, with several prominent political and religious figures attending.

Riachy went on: "Together with Tele LumiAre, we established the so-called 'Society for the Defense of the Lebanese Family', but we failed to follow up on this issue. The defense of the family is to defend the right of the family to know, the Catholic family or the Lebanese family in general, because this project is not exclusive to Christians but is meant to be a national project for both Christians and Muslims."

"I am proud that I was once part of the establishment of this great Christian building and national architecture because, besides ensuring the preservation and protection of this great fortress in Lebanon and the Levant, it also consolidates the national balance with my Muslim partner and brother at home and in the world, and reflects the living model of a unique experience that must be circulated, which is the responsibility of the Christian before the Muslim," he underscored.

"Media is not the abuse of the other and the free insult to the other, but rather it is meant to defend the right of the other to differ, and to know, and to access information and knowledge," Riachy added.

He stressed that "the right to be respected among each another is the essence of the media."

Riachy also emphasized the media's "strategic responsibility in the defense of right, not only in the transfer of information and the transfer of news," as well as its responsibility in defending liberty and freedom of expression of the other.

Source: National News Agency