Riachy inks cooperation protocol with GLC: It conveys workers’ real pains to Lebanese residents and expatriates

Caretaker Minister of Information, Melhem Riachy, signed this Tuesday a protocol of cooperation with the President of the General Labor Confederation, Bechara Asmar, within the framework of an agreement between the MoI and the GLC to anchor the latter's cooperation with the various departments in the ministry in a bid to promote national rhetoric through the media, especially in terms of supporting and promoting trade union action through lectures, symposia, workshops, radio and television programs and joint media projects.

The signing ceremony was attended by Director General of the Ministry, Dr. Hassan Falah, Director of the National News Agency, Laure Suleiman Saab, Director of Lebanon Radio, Mohammad Ibrahim, Advisor Andre Kassas, and Advisor to the Minister of Information on Tele Liban affairs, Antoine Eid.

Representing the General Labor Confederation were Vice President Hassan Faqih, Secretary General Saad Eddin Hamidi Saqr, Secretary of Economic and Social Affairs, Akram Arabi, and Secretary of Education and Union Training, Shaaban Ezzat Badra.

Welcoming the GLC delegation, Minister Riachy said "all the Lebanese workers are involved in today's agreement. (...) The Director General of the Ministry will be the representative of the Ministry of Information in this agreement and thus the representative not of the interests of the State but of the interests of the Lebanese people."

"The protocol that we are currently signing (...) is meant to convey the true image and the real pains to the Lebanese public opinion, residents and expatriates, so that they can see and feel with the Lebanese workers and their every concern," Riachy corroborated, announcing that a follow-up committee is formed to closely follow up on this issue.

"I wish full support to this cooperation, and I hope private media institutions would stand by State-run media in support of the activities of the Confederation," he concluded.

"The protocol is a model of cooperation between the Ministry of Information and the General Labor Confederation as it creates a positive atmosphere between the ministries and workers for the sake of serving the Lebanese labor force that is suffering immensely at this stage, whether in terms of foreign labor or in terms of unfair dismissal," said Asmar.

"I applaud the efforts of Minister Riachy in this context. He was a supporter of workers during his term as minister and we hope that he will remain so," the GLC president added.

Source: National News Agency