Royal pardon of inmates praised by lawmamker

Chairman of the Human Rights Committee and member of Foreign Affairs, Defence and National Security Committee at the Council of Representatives, MP Ammar Ahmed Al-Bannai, has extended deepest thanks and gratitude to His Majesty King Hamad bin Isa Al Khalifa following the issuance of a Royal Decree, pardoning 105 inmates, on the occasion of the kingdom’s National Days, in commemoration of the establishment of the modern Bahraini State as an Arab and Muslim state, founded by Ahmed Al Fateh in 1783, and the anniversary of His Majesty the King’s Accession to the Throne.

Al-Bannai pointed out that the royal kind gesture enhances HM the King’s development project, based on supporting the citizens, involving them in the national progress march and paving the way for them to exercise their rights guaranteed by the Constitution.

The lawmaker indicated that the Royal Decree reflects HM the King’s constant keenness to grant the convicted citizens opportunities to renew their patriotism and contribute to building their nation.

He affirmed that HM King Hamad’s stances embody the royal values and responsibilities towards Bahrainis, noting that they promote human rights and contribute to fostering tolerance and coexistence among the citizens, emanating from HM the King’s love for the citizens.

Source: Bahrain News Agency