Saad Maan: A High-Level task Team Formed To Investigate The Assassination Of Novelist Alaa Al-Mashthoub

BAGHDAD, Interior Ministry spokesman Major General Saad Maan announced the formation of a high-level task force to investigate the assassination of novelist Alaa Al-Mashthoub.

"The ministry is ready to receive the security file in Baghdad and some provinces, but the decision is in the hands of the government and there is a schedule for the transfer of the security file in some southern provinces before Baghdad," Interior Ministry spokesman Maj. Gen. Saad Maan told a news conference held at the headquarters of Baghdad Police.

He said the Interior Ministry forces arrested several gangs of kidnappers, robbers and fugitives in different parts of Baghdad, and arrested murderers, thugs, smugglers and gangs to smuggle the antiquities.

He said the interior forces also arrested a dangerous terrorist in Kirkuk and two accused of promoting the counterfeit currency in Mosul and 10 accused of drug trafficking in Basra.

Maan announced the opening of Hit department to issue the national card in Anbar electronically.

Source: National Iraqi News Agency