Saairun Rules Out Voting On The Remaining Ministries In The First Sessions Of Parliament

BAGHDAD, Saairun Bloc ruled out vote on the remaining vacant ministries in the first sessions of the new legislative term of parliament.

A member of the bloc MP Talaat Karim told NINA that the talk now between the political blocs, focused on the presentation of Prime Minister Adel AbdulMahdi to the names of new candidates for the ministries of (defense, interior, justice, education), and to replace former candidates.

He explained that "Abdul Mahdi's position will be presenting the names of candidates through him, in case the political blocs did not send the names of replacements for the ministries." pointing to the rapprochement between Saairun and Fatah could lead to the agreement to submit new names of candidates to the Ministry of Interior, before the beginning of the new legislative term of parliament "

He pointed out that the candidates to the ministries (defense, justice and education), have not been resolved until now because of differences on the names of candidates between the political blocs on the one hand, and on the other, there is disagreement between the political blocs on the eligibility of the bloc.

The Presidency of the House of Representatives announced earlier that the first session of the new legislative session will be held on Saturday, March 9, at one o'clock. "

Source: National Iraqi News Agency