Sacco presents a document to the President with proposals for resolving internal crises and disputes

KIRKUK, Cardinal Luis Raphael Sacco, the Chaldean Patriarch of Iraq and the world, presented a document to President Barham Saleh, including proposals to break the crisis and solve problems and disputes.

"The proposal has the title 'homeland document' and focuses on red lines that should not be bypassed," Sacco said in a press statement. "It is in the interest of the nation, its unity, its independence, its security and its economy."

He appealed to the Presidencies to organize an expanded meeting around a round table comprising the political and Parliamentary blocs of civilizational and responsible dialogue, and for reconciliation, and understanding, away from differences, fragmentation and division.

Sacco stressed that the solution must be internal, and that the Iraqis solve their own problems through a document that will serve as a covenant that is committed to building a state of citizenship, law and institutions properly, away from quotas and disputes over power, money and extremism that weaken the state and stop its progress, and impede the availability of services.

Source: National Iraqi News Agency