Sadr: We Started Steps Of Reform And Instructed Not To Nominate Any Minister For Any Ministry From Our Part

Najaf, The leader of the Sadrist movement, Moqtada al-Sadr said that he directed not to nominate any minister from Sa'iroon list of those in the House of Representatives, stressing the beginning of the steps of reform and work to complete them by making the Prime Minister independent and even free of corruption.

"We have started the reform process and we are doing it as much as possible," Sadr said in a tweet on Twitter.

Al-Sadr thanked the supreme authority and all of those who support and trusted him.

"Yes, we managed to make the prime minister independent and even away from the corruption of the previous government and we instructed him to form his cabinet without partisan or sectarian or ethnic pressure with preserving the beautiful Iraqi mosaic," he said.

He stressed "we have instructed not to nominate any minister to any ministry from our part, whatever, and we agreed to give him a deadline to prove his successes before God and his people."

"We say either the reform will gradually win or the people will rise up completely," he concluded.

Source: National Iraqi News Agency