Saeron Coalition to / NINA /: We refuse to extend the work of the Provincial Councils and postpone the local elections as schedule

BAGHDAD, ASaeron Coalition refused to extend the work of the current Provincial Councils or postpone the local elections again.

"MP for the Coalition Mohammed Redha Al Hayder told NINA that the Coalition supports the suspension of the work of the local councils, and can not postpone the elections or extend its work to another period more than the previous extension," noting that the non-extension of the mandate of the previous parliament, which means no extension of local councils.

He added that "corruption lies in the local councils and must stop their work, and move to hold new local elections, with which the conservatives can get rid of political pressures and provide services to citizens," noting that "the goal of stopping the work of provincial councils until the elections is not to exploit their current situation for the upcoming elections, "he said.

The Electoral Commission proposed to set the date for the elections of provincial councils not organized in the province on 16/11 of this year, while the parliamentary legal committee voted by a majority of its members late last year not to end the work of the provincial councils.

Source: National Iraqi News Agency