Saeron: The Alliance of / Reconstruction and Reform / is authorized legally to form a government

BAGHDAD, MP for the Coalition of Saeron Talat Karim stressed that "the Coalition of Reconstruction and Reform is legally authorized to form the next government," being the most number.

"The Coalition of Reconstruction and Reform seeks to form a strong government working under the shadow of a new political program that serves the demands of the Iraqi people in the next phase," Karim told NINA.

He explained that "it was agreed in the coalition on a political program for the next phase to overcome quotas and address the file of the displaced."

On negotiating with the Kurdish side, he stressed that "the Kurds are currently in the process of negotiating the stage of forming the next government, and will not be part of the largest bloc, referring to their exclusion from the alliance with th Reconstruction and Reform."

He pointed out that our task in forming the government will be free of the red lines, because the conditions that were placed in the previous sessions failed and were unable to implement them.

Source: National Iraqi News Agency