Sami Gemayel from Canada: No salvation except by agreement on one vision for ‘Lebanonthe Nation’ away from quotas and interests

Kataeb Party Chief, MP Sami Gemayel, called for "unity and rallying around one vision to build Lebanon-the homeland away from quotas and narrow interests, which is our only salvation."

"Any agreement that is not based on a strategic vision for Lebanon will not last," said Gemayel, speaking at a dinner hosted in his honor by the Lebanese community in Toronto, during his several-day visit to Canada.

"Our dream for Lebanon is what drives us to struggle and join the Kataeb Party, which has made a lot of sacrifices for the country's sake, and this dream must be the basis for political action," said Gemayel.

"This dream constitutes building a civilized, developed country capable of providing the Lebanese with what Canada offers you: respect, economy and employment opportunities, a beautiful and clean environment, health insurance and old age pension, and 24/24 electricity supply," he underlined.

"We will build our dream country with the people who resemble us...When the Lebanese citizen believes in himself, stands up for his reality and realizes that he is capable of changing Lebanon and rendering it in his image...then we can we change the reality and build the country," Gemayel emphasized.

Source: National News Agency