Sami Gemayel says opposition seeks neutral and efficient government, early elections

Kataeb Party leader, MP Sami Gemayel, on Monday confirmed in a press conference that none of the Lebanese people were thugs or bandits.

But this is a once in a lifetime opportunity to provide the country with a better living, and we are holding on to this opportunity. This is the cry of the people that you are failing to hear, Gemayel explained.

People seek early elections. You [politicians in power] have invited them to form revolutionary committees; you have invited the people to resort to the street. How can people trust you to run the country when you cannot agree over a PM designate? You have been forming a cabinet before even designating a PM to form it! Gemayel exclaimed.

As an opposition, we see that Lebanon needs an impartial and efficient government. Take six months and rest. After six months, let's head to the elections," he told those in power.

Gemayel finally pointed out that "the country needed a neutral government and ministers that can manage the country and organize early elections."

Source: National News Agency