Sarraf, Danish ambassador discuss possible Danish contribution to establishment of six military hospitals

Caretaker Minister of National Defense, Yaacoub Sarraf, received at his office in the Ministry of Defense the Ambassador of Denmark, Merete Juhl, with whom he discussed the possibility of Denmark's contribution to the two projects prepared by the Ministry of Defense to establish six new military hospitals and limit the consumption of energy in the military establishments, in order to reduce spending.

Sarraf suggested that "the Danish Embassy set up a cell that will help create new sustainable projects at all levels."

Ambassador Juhl showed positivity towards that suggestion and informed Sarraf that she would refer it to the concerned Danish side.

Discussions also touched on the general situation in the country and the region as a whole, whereby Sarraf stressed "the need for the repatriation of displaced persons who took refuge in Lebanon due to the deteriorating security situation in Syria," calling upon the international community to find a radical solution for this crisis."

Sarraf also underlined the importance of "exchanging information between the Lebanese authorities and the international bodies such as the UNHCR."

The Minister finally denounced the "daily Israeli violations of Resolution 1701, using a statistical document to back his words.

Source: National News Agency